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2 cups all-purpose flour (or wholewheat)

1.5 teaspoons tsp baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1.5 teaspoons sugar (or maple syrup)

2 tablespoons olive oil

0.75 cups warm water

2 tablespoons kalonji / nigella seeds (The Kalonji seeds are totally optional if you can not get the, but they give the flat bread a distinctly Indian aromatic flavor much like you’d get in traditional Indian Naan bread.)


Sieve the flour into a mixing bowl… add the baking powder, salt, sugar and kalonji seeds… mix together well – I usually use a whisk. Add the oil and water… mix together with your hands and kneed in the bowl until well mixed.. 4-5 mins. It may seem a little wet at first but should become dryer and more elastic as you knead it.

Form it into a ball… add a drizzle of oil over the top and use your hands to cover the surface of  the ball with the oil. Either place it on the rolling surface with the bowl upturned over the top of it, or leave it in the bowl with a cloth… Just to prevent it drying out a bit, but we’re not going to be leaving long as with other recipes that require the dough to rise… Let sit 15 mins or so.

Form the dough into a log and split into 8 and roll each into a small ball. Flour a surface and roll each ball lightly in flour and set aside.

Get a heavy bottom skillet on the burner to heat up… no oil or anything in it.. Then back to the dough balls… use your thumb to push into the centre of a ball (not all the way through) and then squeeze the edges back in on itself (this helps to allow it to puff up when we put it in the pan). Then flatten it out and roll it with a rolling pin so it is about 4 – 5 inches across. Allowing them to sit before you put them in the pan here can help, so if you roll half of them before you put the first on into the pan it’ll work out well.

Put the bread into the pan and you’ll see it start to bubble up on the top. Flip it after 3-4 minutes. Then 2-3 mins on the other side it should be done.


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